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Localized Software to keep track of Child and Children, then opportunity to load into the main Social Site for full Family Fun.
Keep track of all incidents, bruised knee's & elbows, along with all boy and girl scout badges, First camp out, First Drivers lesson, and the following seasons and fun filled excursions.
Child's birth, First steps, First words, First friends, First kiss, First loss Tooth, First friend.
First sport, even First Graduation.
Please be advised that my Hosting Company will now keep track of all ip address's, that are malicious to our Sites.
This website was a work in progress to become a new social site for families. While the program development was going on some people decided to blog on it, which I thought was fine....but of course people can't leave anything good alone. Some malicious person caused the host & myself to delete the Elgg Software.
Cherished Life.Net
Cherished Life.Net
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